Local Commercial Property Management Services in Salem, OR and surrounding areas

strip-mallHow can you maximize the profitability of your commercial rental investments in Salem and surrounding areas? The answer lies in the right property manager to protect and maintain those properties. That property manager is Dalke Property Management, LLC.
Dalke Property Management, LLC, has a full list of property management services specific to commercial investment properties. When you partner with Dalke Property Management, you will enjoy accounting help, rent and security deposit collection, and lease administration. We also provide maintenance and tenant relations services, including periodic property checks and property inspections. We are also here to provide 24/7 emergency services.

With Dalke Property Management, you have “eyes-on-the-ground,” ensuring your assets are in good repair and your tenants are happy. For those who own property in Salem, Oregon but live elsewhere, we provide significant peace of mind. If you are ready to take advantage of our help, contact Dalke Property Management, LLC, today to learn more about commercial property management services.

Full Property Management Services

We offer full property management services to our clients in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Each property management plan is tailored to each specific client and property. This generally includes:
  • Accounting
  • Collection of rents
  • Collection and dispersal of security deposits
  • Lease administration
  • Monthly financial reports and property activity reports
  • Disbursement(s) to owner(s)
  • Tenant relations
  • Coordination with brokers for property marketing
  • Maintenance and most partial services as indicated below

Partial Services

Since some of our clients have inquired about more “eyes-on-the-ground” services as they like to manage their assets themselves, we have developed the following services. These services are especially beneficial for clients who are not locally based. These are just an example of the many partial services we offer:
  • Maintenance
  • Periodic property checks
  • Property inspections with report at specified intervals
  • Tenant service calls
  • Coordination of vendor services
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Building system tests as required

Please contact us if would like to inquire about any other services other than listed above. We are happy to discuss these with you. Each property management service plan will be specifically tailored to each client based on their specific needs. We service Salem, Oregon and the surrounding areas.